Solar Energy And Educational Products


This is an educational Jemdroid Computer, designed with children from ages of 2 to about 10 years old,in mind, to help them learn in a very intuitive way to improve their knowledge and ability to progress in their learning curve as they grow.

Just connect it to your TV or a monitor, and connect your usb keyboard and mice, and voila, you are ready to learn as all the programs have been preloaded and works with or without the internet.

You can make use of its internal wireless feature to connect the Jemdroid Computer to your mobile phone to share your internet connection


This is an educational Jemdroid Computer designed with the knowledge and understanding that children in JHS and SSS, needs curriculum based questions and answers to help them learn and prepare for their final exams.

The pre-loaded applications are ready to use with or without the internet, all you have to do is connect it to your TV or Monitor, and connect your usb keyboard and mice, and bingo you are ready to acquire knowledge and high chances of coming out in flying colours


The E-Learning Server is a portable plug and play server which stores educational websites and makes that content available over any local offline or wireless connection.

It is a valuable tool that connects offline learners to the best free educational resources. E-Learning server is a Remote Access Computing Hot-spot for Electronic Learning (RACHEL) PROJECT which is light weight and can be installed anywhere via electricity, solar or battery. It has the ability of turning graveyard computers into learning centres without an internet connection thereby creating a library of digital content.

Once you are connected, you can instantly access offline versions of Wikipedia, Khan Academy, over 500 videos and textbooks covering various subjects like Mathematics, English, Medicine, Accounting, Agriculture, Science, Physics, Biology and more. Contents can as well be uploaded for reference.


The Jemdroid Game PC is designed with both kids and adults in mind, to relax by enjoying video games from the controls of a usb joystick. Just connect your joystick, and your TV or monitor and away you go, on fun focused games for all ages.

We believe all work and no play, is not the best way to relax..Relax at home with your own Game machine, add another usb joystick and two can share the fun...


This product is designed with the customer in mind. Our solar led lighting is designed to produce lighting, whether there is enough sun or not.

This can be mounted unto your side buildings and high poles to produce high beam of white light, with a wide dispersion rate of light, to cover a wider area..


This product is designed with the idea that, the customer will no longer sleep in the dark when the electricity grid goes off. This specially designed bulb will continue to provide lighting for 12 hours, until the grid power is restored.

There are inferior types on the market, but are not efficient as the Jemtec brand of Led Back-Up Bulbs. Wattage ranges from 5w,7w,9w and 12w respectively.